Evaluate the Vanguard EZCT Test Set by Renting it from Protec

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Environmental and mechanical factors can degrade a current transformer. Once it is neglected, it can cause arcing and eventual failure. A current transformer or CT test set provides information about the condition of the current transformer.

A popular CT tester is the Vanguard EZCT 2A CT test set. This tester allows you to conduct automatic CT, current ratio and winding polarity tests. It has an output test voltage of 0-50VAC at 10 amperes, 0-500VAC at 5 amperes and 0-1500VAC at 1.2 amperes. This tester calculates for the CT ratio and excitation knee point and then automatically charts it. You can view your test results in its LCD screen which is designed to be viewable even in bright sunlight. You also have the option of printing the results using its built-in thermal printer. It has a RS 232 and USB port so you can interface it with a computer and control it. The Vanguard EZCT 2A CT test set has internal memory storage for 140 test results and 128 test plans.

Try the Vanguard EZCT 2A CT test set by renting it from Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer other Vanguard test equipment and other high voltage test equipment from leading brands. Call us for more information on test equipment rental options.