Evaluate Power Quality of Electrical Systems with the Amprobe DM-III

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Evaluation of an electrical systems power quality is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and to prolong the operating life of equipment.

When power quality deteriorates, electrical systems and equipment are at risk of premature failure. Bad power quality also causes electromagnetic interference to be radiated throughout the facility. This can cause serious problems and interruption of service.

Amprobe_dm-iiiThe Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer is one tool that allows for the measurement of a wide spectrum of parameters of power quality.  The Amprobe DM-III can measure AC voltage and current, surges, power, sags, power factor, phase, frequency, apparent, active, reactive and harmonics. It is compatible with various current transducers, and it works on both single and polyphase electrical systems.

The Amprobe DM-III has a built in scope screen, phase sequence indicator and selectable fundamental frequency. The Amprobe DM-III can be hooked to a computer so the test results can be transferred and for enhanced diagnostics.

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