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ETI PI-6000 High Current Test Set for Accurate Primary Injection Testing Results

ETI PI-6000 High Current Test Set

ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set is a primary injection test set capable of testing circuit breakers up to 6000 amperes frame size.

The ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set assesses low-voltage, molded-case and metal-clad, direct acting AC circuit breakers from various manufactures. The PI-6000 can also be used on high current applications like ratio transformers, and heat runs.

Using SCR’s thePI-6000 eliminates closing time errors.

Initiation at the zero crossover point eliminates DC offset in the current waveform and results in accurate, repeatable test results even with short-duration currents for high speed solid state or electromechanical trip devices. 

ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set features:

• Input: 208-240 or 480 VAC +/- 10% ( Switch Selectable)
• Test up to 6000 Amp Circuit Breakers
• Digital Memory Ammeter Controller MAC-20
• Programmable Output Phase Angle with SCR Controller
• Motorized Vernier with Manual Override for Fast Adjustment
• Regulate Current Hold Feature for Long Time Testing
• Preset ON Times For Convenient Jogging of Output Currents
• Rugged Solid Copper Universal & Horizontal 1/2” and 3/4” Output Stabs

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