ETI PI-6000, A Versatile and Technologically Advanced Primary Injection Test Set

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ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test SetThe ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set will test low-voltage, molded-case and metal-clad, direct acting AC circuit breakers from various manufactures. The ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set can also be used on high current applications like ratio transformers, and heat runs.

ETI PI-6000 Primary Circuit Breaker Test Set advanced features:

Serial port: This standard serial port may be connected to a printer, computer, or other device to print or store time and current values of test results in ASCII format. It is set for 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity.

Remote Terminal Jack: This RJ-12 modular jack provides a six wire connection to a remote serial terminal, which provides complete monitor and control functions as well as advanced features such as serial number entry and date/time functions.

Initiating Control: The advanced initiate circuitry provides both pulse preset modes for cycles or seconds for output duration. The pulse mode automatically pulses the output to any preset programmed duration.

Zero DC Offset: Use of digitally controlled SCR’s instead of a contactor to initiate the output of the test set eliminates closing time error and thereby ensures precise initiation at the zero crossover point of the output current waveform every time. 

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