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Ensure Your Electrical System is Performing at its Best with the Square D by Schneider UTS-3 Secondary Injection Test Set

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Stuck contacts or open relay coils are common defects of relays, and can seriously affect the electrical line if not detected early. Also dangerous, a defective protective relay may lead to an overload or fault, ultimately leading to an electrical system failure.

SquareD_UTSsecondary injection test set is a key element in any diagnostic and maintenance program, when it comes to taking care of circuit breakers and relays, as it determines whether they are functioning correctly or are in need of service.

When dealing with sophisticated electrical systems, performance tests such as insulation resistance tests, watts loss tests and electronic tripping function trip tests can be performed to verify that the circuit breaker is able to perform its basic functions.

The Square D by Schneider UTS-3 Secondary Injection Test Set is designed to perform operational tests and diagnoses of Square D electronic trip circuit breakers, circuit breaker components and tripping functions.

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