Ensure Proper Grounding with and Earth Tester

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Appropriate grounding is essential to ensure the proper operation of your facility. If a component fails in your electrical system and your have bad grounding, there’s a possible shock hazard that can cause accidents. Testing for grounding problems should be part of your regular maintenance routine. This helps you address electrical problems immediately before they get out of control.

A ground connection is also used to conduct harmful electricity away like lightning to the ground where it can be dissipated safely. The ground usually loses its efficiency when the stake doesn’t have a good connection with the earth. This is often caused by dry soil or if the stake was slightly pulled out of the ground. To detect poor conductivity between the earth and the connection, a ground tester is used. This helps measure the resistance between the ground and the connection which allows you to determine what is causing the problem. If you do not have this tool to carry out diagnostic tests, consider getting one from a 
test equipment rental company. You can get it at less than its purchase price and carry out your maintenance tasks.

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