Ensure Power Quality with Fluke 1750

Fluke 1750 Three Phase Power RecorderWith the increased use of computers and a series of other power sensitive devices in our lives – both professional and personal – it becomes important to minimize power disturbance and to ensure uniform power quality. Poor power quality cannot only result in physical damage to electrical equipment, but it can also raise energy costs when everything seems to be running just fine. Therefore monitoring of power is crucial to ensure optimal performance of electrical devices.

Fluke is one of the leaders in manufacturing electrical test equipment that can measure electrical disturbances. Fluke power quality equipment has been designed to check for any faults and to make sure that the power quality is optimal.

Fluke 1750 is a Three Phase Power Recorder. The test set comes with five test leads and clips, four 400 ampere current probes, ARCHOS 43 internet tablet, an SD memory card, Ethernet cable, power cord with an international plug set, Fluke power view, color localization, a start manual, and other helpful pieces for setting up the device.

The 1750 complies with IEC 61000-4-39 standards that ensure correct readings. It also supports intuitive PC software that allows fast data analysis. This makes creating standard or customized reports a very easy task. There are smart current probes that can identify connections, and internal swap channels (PC or PDA) that do not demand reconnection.

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