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Ensure Optimal Performance with Megger DLRO

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Terminal connection corrosion is an inevitable result of years of electrical equipment use, and it is fairly typical to see power loss in systems that have weak connections because of continual operations. Unfortunately with this weakening and corrosion comes the potential hazard to the equipment and workers of the system not being able to continue handling high current. Eventually without proper intervention, all such systems will begin overheating and then eventually shutting down.

Your maintenance team can help extend the life of necessary electric system components by looking out for and analyzing any sources of power waste and ultimate power failure. By using a Megger DLRO, techs can test terminal connections to make sure their clamps are locked in tight and also ensure that corrosive rust, moisture or overheating conditions are not present within the junction. If they find that these conditions do exist, then resistance to current will increase making the system less able to carry that current.

The low resistance ohmmeter such as the Megger DLRO10HD will provide the testing equipment needed to make sure that electrical systems maintain optimum performance, and in the cases of weakened systems, help techs get them repaired and reconditioned to preserve the life of the system before failure occurs. We have a complete line of Megger test equipment for any type of job. Give us a call or submit your information online so that our Protec staff can help you find just the right model for your needs.