Ensure Equipment Operability with the Fluke 1750

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Power quality surveys are needed in order to fully diagnose issues and keep equipment operational. In most cases, a full week of monitoring is needed in order to determine that power is coming in at required levels. Fluke recommends testing insulation to create benchmarks for future and to ensure that equipment maintains operability.

Fluke_1750The Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer offers many benefits to users seeking power quality data. The Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer involves long term monitoring capabilities and allows users to capture cycles simultaneously so that problems may be found quickly.

For all testing needs, professional reports may be generated using the provided software. This turnkey system includes meter, flash memory card, PDA wireless interface, 5 voltage leads & clips, four 400 amp current clamps and PC software.

The tester’s front panel offers straightforward convenience with AC power input, external ground, 5 voltage inputs and 5 current inputs. There is an Ethernet connection and slot for the 2 gigabyte memory card. Voltage connections are single lead, one cable per channel, and software automatically scales data without need for user to set functions. The wireless feature allows users to work from a safe distance and read results.

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