Ensure Electrical Safety with Secondary Injection Test Set

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To ensure safety of electrical equipment during operation, high voltage test equipment is used to diagnose the current state of an electrical device. Protective devices such as circuit breakers, overload coils and motor overload relays need to be tested periodically for faults and integrity. Because they interrupt large current on their contact, they are prone to breakdowns. There are times when the coil may fail to trip the current or contacts simply just won’t open even after coil activation. These situations can cause electrical fires and damage to other devices connected to the line. This is why periodic maintenance is necessary. Situations such as fires can easily be avoided through regular equipment check. Secondary injection test sets are the common tools used in testing circuit breakers.

An injection test set is a tool used in assessing circuit breakers. In this procedure, current is injected to the device and simulates certain conditions to check if the circuit breaker will respond properly. The difference between this procedure and Primary injection test is that large currents are interrupted during a Primary injection test. Because of this, there is a higher chance for a circuit breaker to fail during this type of test.

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