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Enhance Your Digital Multimeter’s Capabilities with the AEMC MN103 Current Probe

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If you are thinking of getting a high current ammeter, you might want to consider getting a current probe instead. This probe lets you extend the measuring capability of your multimeter. It allows your meter to measure high currents not usually handled by multimeters. 

High current ammeters can be quite an expensive investment. Getting another test tool not only adds up to your need for storage space but also adds up to your 
electrical test equipmentmaintenance costs. If you want to save money, get the AEMC MN103 current probe to make your multimeter a high current ammeter. The AEMC MN103 current probe lets your multimeter measure currents up to 100 Amperes. The output voltage of the probe is proportional to the measured current which is 1 millivolt per 1 milliampere. Its special “clothes pin” probe makes it easy to measure currents in tight spaces. This makes current measurements convenient and easy.

If you are thinking of getting the AEMC MN103 current probe, why not try it out first by renting one from Protec Equipment Resources. Test equipment rental lets you decide if the tool your planning to buy meets your needs. Contact us today to discuss your rental options with us.