Electrical Test Equipment Used in Power Transmission Industry

pxDranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power MonitorIn the power transmission industry, it is very important to monitor and regulate the power passing through various appliances and units.

The Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Monitor is an effective and reliable device with innovative power measurement abilities. It saves your costly devices from major breakdowns and also helps in energy conservation. It is used in power monitoring systems and has a colorful GUI or graphic user interface which is easy-to-navigate.

The inbuilt event characterizer supports troubleshooting and is helpful in collecting survey data. This popular electrical test equipment uses a wide range of standard and customizable operating modes to capture and characterize several parameters. It is a big name in the field of power quality management and its use of the latest cutting edge technology ensures fast and accurate results.

Injection tests are of paramount importance and are performed periodically to check the functionality and performance of protective relays and breakers. There are basically two types of injection tests: the primary and the secondary. In primary injection test, the current goes through the circuit breaker, while in secondary injection test there is no current running through the circuit breaker.

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