Electrical Test Equipment Rental Services

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When it comes to electrical test equipment, you need to be careful about choosing the right one. High voltage testing, if done without the proper equipment or correct procedure, may cause permanent damage. Although most of the electrical testing done these days is non-destructive but that is true only as long as you have the right equipment and you are using it correctly. Moreover most of these electrical test devices are expensive and you may not want to buy them without testing them first. Usually most people try and rent the equipment first before committing to it.

We are a company specializing in 
electrical test equipment rental.  We stock all equipment required for electrical testing and HV diagnostics. We stock various instruments for equipment calibration, high voltage equipment, multimeters, Biddle test equipment, digital multimeters, predictive maintenance, as well as equipment to test power factor for industrial applications. All tests such as load testing, stress testing, PAT test and cable fault locating can be carried out using our wide range of equipment for electrical testing.
Wares from all leading manufacturers of electrical testing equipment such as Fluke, Doble, and Megger are available for rent as well as sale, but we recommend renting the equipment as it would save you money.