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Electrical Test Equipment Rental Can Significantly Save You Money on Maintenance

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The cost of test equipment may be too much for some. A tester can cost as much as $3000 which can quickly deplete your electrical maintenance budget. But yet, you need to have the test equipment in order to stay functional, therefore how can you have it without spending a lot? Consider renting test equipment.

Test equipment rental can significantly save a lot of money. This service lets you acquire testers for only a small fee. You get to use test equipment like insulation resistance meters, DLROs, relay testers and power quality recorders for troubleshooting or preventive maintenance. Another advantage of renting equipment is you do not have to worry about maintaining or calibrating the testers. These tasks are taken care of by the equipment provider.

Protec is a trusted equipment provider. Our inventory has a wide selection of testers from brands like Megger, GE, Siemens, High Voltage Inc. and Dranetz. We offer equipment acquisition options to meet your budget and testing needs. We have offices located in Dallas, Chicago and New England to ensure you get the equipment you need without delay. To learn more about our services, please call our application experts at 1-866-352-5550.