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Electrical Test Equipment for Partial Discharge Detection

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Imperfections in insulation serve to create partial discharge in electrical systems and components. Partial discharge involves the movement of a charge whereby that charge causes damage to insulation, and as partial discharge occurs within a system, the cumulative damage ultimately leads to equipment failure.

In power cabling systems, cracks and voids cause insulation damage and failure. 
Electrical test equipment allows users to find partial discharge patterns so that these voids or imperfections may be isolated to prevent any potential failures in the cable. Companies must set up regular routine maintenance so that partial discharge issues may be found. By taking proactive steps, failure and business interruption issues may be avoided.

The UltraTEV Plus+ by EA Technology Instruments leads the industry in partial discharge detection. It accurately assesses and compares substation conditions with a compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to handle in the field. The color LCD screen offers easy reading of test results, and the included headphone socket allows users to hear any partial discharge activities directly during surveys.

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