Electrical Test Equipment for Circuit Breaker Test

Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC DC Circuit Breaker Test SetsWith rapid industrial development, the dependence on electrical devices and systems has increased exponentially. It is critical that electrical system providers maintain their system reliability for consistent operation. Circuit breakers are one of the critical pieces used as a safety and protective device that are required to be maintained for reliability of the system’s operation.

The maintenance of these circuit breakers requires regular, organized, and accurate testing with high quality and sophisticated electrical test equipment like Megger test equipment. Efficient testing also requires the device to compare the current circuit breaker test results with the results of previously conducted tests. This condition makes it necessary to conduct the tests in exactly in the same method as conducted earlier. This will facilitate comparison between the tests and make it possible to detect the deviations and changes if any. Presence of any deviation from the earlier test results will indicate whether the circuit breakers need to have maintenance performed or the unit replaced prior to continuing operation.

A good quality, reliable, and accurate testing procedure will include analysis of the results and comprehensive reporting. It should be possible to authenticate the accuracy of the results of the test conducted and then conveniently compare them with earlier test results. This will make sure that the circuit breakers are in the right working condition. This test equipment can be purchased or rented from an electrical test equipment rental company, such as Protec Equipment Resources.

Megger CB-360-DC/CB-120-DC DC Circuit Breaker Test Sets

Megger MOM2 200A Microhmmeter

Megger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System

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