Electrical System Maintenance with High Potential Stress Testing

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The usual Hipot test conducted on cables, motors and generators for maintenance purposes uses AC test current. This is because AC high potential testing requires less power compared to DC high potential testing. Less power means safer diagnostics and lighter test equipment.

There are 2 types of alternating current high potential tests. One is the 
AC hipot and the second one is VLF or very low frequency hipot test. The AC high potential test uses the standard wall outlet frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz while VLF uses 0.1 Hertz. The very low frequency has a high reactance to the component’s capacitance. This means this test uses even lesser power compared to ordinary AC high potential test.

You should consider getting a VLF hipot for your facility to be able to constantly check the condition of your electrical components. This lets you prevent electrical catastrophes that might halt your operation. It is also cheaper to do minor repairs than repairing major failures or replace equipment.

If you do not have complete diagnostic tools to test your electrical facility, consider renting equipment from Protec. Renting gives you the advantage of conducting tests without buying expensive tools. Contact us and let us assist you on your rental options.