Electrical Equipment Testing Methods

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There are many different types of test equipment that can be used to evaluate and diagnose issues with electrical equipment and apparatus. The power factor test is used by technicians to find out if insulation is defective or at the point of possible failure. The weather and various contaminants cause insulators to decrease in the resistance of electrical current. Power factor testing detects if there are any problems by measuring the angle loss.

Another testing method that helps in diagnostic evaluation includes Megger and Doble test equipment. Megger insulation testing is also of interest in maintaining equipment. It is used to test insulation conditions of wiring and cables. It can be used for home wiring, motor wires and appliances. The modular cable fault locator is used to locate underground cables that may be damaged from the extreme cold, ground moisture, and burning hot temperatures outside. Various Megger meters can ensure that insulation is on cables is in good condition to prevent hazards to equipment or worker safety.

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