Efficient Insulation Diagnostics with the BM25 Megger Insulation Tester

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Insulation in an electrical system suffers from constant degradation during operation. There are also times that it gets sudden damages from voltage spikes and physical abuse. It is important to schedule regular assessments to ensure that they operate at their optimum condition. This allows you to spot problems early and recondition the damaged part. 

The BM25 Megger meter is a dependable and portable insulation tester that allows you to measure resistance up to 5 TΩ. Its output voltage is variable at 25 Volts per step up to 5000 Volts. It gives you several test options like step voltage, polarization index and dielectric discharge 
high voltage test. This lets you spot localized defects and bad layers on multi-layered insulators. The BM25 also lets you transfer the test results to a computer through its RS232 port. The test results can be analyzed for trending and let you predict impending faults so you can immediately address them.

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