Efficient Fault Location Using the Aquatronics S.D.A.D. Underground Cable Fault Locator

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When troubleshooting for underground cable problems, using a thumper will not give you an audible thump if the gap on the damaged part is too small. You must use an acoustic detector to amplify the low level thump so you can determine the exact location of the fault. This helps you save time and effort finding cable defects.

The Aquatronics S.D.A.D is a sensitive and highly directional acoustic detector used to find localized defects on cables that give out a low level thump. It uses 2 directional sound probes to locate which direction the fault is. The microphones pick up thump at different times. The received sound is analyzed and compared by its microprocessor to determine which probe is closer to the fault. This
cable fault locator can also be used as a ballistic impulse detector to verify the location of the fault. The device detects the large magnetic field travelling in the cable during thumping.

The Aquatronics S.D.A.D. is available for rent from Protec. We can also supply any other electrical test equipment you need at affordable rental rates. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 for more information about pricing and rental plans.