Efficient Electrical Diagnostics with the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter

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Multifunction test instruments can save you money because you do not need to buy separate testers for each function. A good diagnostic tool that you might be interested in the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter. It has several multimeter functions essential in electrical troubleshooting.

Assessing the condition of single phase and multi phase power systems requires you to carry several electrical test instruments. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that has the capability to carry out multiple test functions? If you are looking for a good electrical tester, you might want to check out the Megger PMM-1. This Megger meter not only has basic multimeter functions but can also measure harmonics up to the 49th value, power factor, phase angle and reactive power. With its great features and testing options, it gives you the most out of your money and is a great addition to your electrical test equipment.

If you are thinking of getting the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter, rent one today from ProtecEquipment Resources. This lets you evaluate its features and determine if it suits your needs.Contact us today for a rental quote or for more details on the PMM-1.