Effectively Test Circuit Breaker Response Time with the TR-3100

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An ideal circuit breaker should have a response time quick enough to protect the electrical system. Aging, contaminants and manufacturer’s defects can cause it to malfunction. This can be dangerous because over current can cause the wiring to overheat and start a fire. It is important to keep you circuit breakers in good condition because a faulty one can cause disastrous consequences.

Overloaded conditions in your power line can cause property and equipment damage. You don’t want spending your budget on repairs instead of being able to use it on other important matters. Visual inspection is not enough to spot defects on the mechanical system of the breaker. It is important to test its response time to ensure it is fast enough to protect your electrical facility. Engineers use a 
circuit breaker timer to assess a breaker’s response time. It simulates  overloaded conditions and measures the velocity and contact travel time. If you need one, you might want to check out the TR-3100 from Doble test equipment. It is one of the models commonly used in industrial facilities because of its excellent features and reliability.

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