Effective Relay Testing with Doble Relay Test Sets

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Relays can cause disasters in an electrical system when they become faulty. The common defects in a relay are contacts getting stuck, contacts carbonizing or the solenoid partially shorts. You can lose a lot of money on equipment replacements and repairs that’s why you should have the right equipment to diagnose problems and address them immediately.

Preventing problems before they get worse can save you money on unexpected expenses. It is important to test relays regularly to spot problems that are just starting. A 
relay test set is an instrument used in simulating the operating environment of relays and check if they will operate within their normal limits. This can help detect abnormal mechanical operation or defective components in a relay system. Doble has several models of single phase and three phase relay test sets you can choose from. A Doble relay set has features that are designed to meet your needs depending on the application. If you need a relay test set but don’t have the finances to get one, consider renting one.

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