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Effective Insulation Diagnostics with the Adwel HVA40-10 AC Hipot

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High potential testing is a good method of determining the reliability of insulators during operation. This test stresses the insulator to ensure that it can handle over voltages and transients with no problem. It is important to use a good tester for reliable and accurate test results. You don’t want to put a faulty component in your electrical system because a tester gave a false pass test. This can cause serious damage to your electrical facility.

A trusted tester used for insulation testing is the Adwel HVA40-10 Hipot. This tester is designed to diagnose problems in vacuum interrupters, protective relays, transformers, motors, cable and other electrical components. It has a smoothly variable test voltage of up to 40 kiloVolts and complies with the standards for preventive maintenance and quality control tests. The HVA40-10 has a built-in ammeter to monitor the leakage current that might be flowing in the insulator. This
AC hipot is lightweight and tough enough to withstand rough handling which makes it suitable for field diagnostics.

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