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Effective Circuit Breaker Testing Up to 4000 Amperes with the PI-5000 Circuit Breaker Test Set

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For effective circuit breaker testing, it is important to use a test set that gives sufficient current for proper simulation. Circuit breaker testers simulate operating and over voltage conditions to ensure that the circuit breaker is within its safety limits. Insufficient current can give you false test results and cause problems in the electrical system.

For effective circuit breaker testing, check out the 
Electrical Test Instruments PI-5000. It is a powerful tester that has a maximum output current of 4000 Amperes. It can easily accommodate standard circuit breaker stabs for maximum power transfer during testing. The PI-500 also has selectable output terminals to match the load impedance. This circuit breaker test set utilizes SCRs for quick and error free switching. This switching mechanism also has a longer life because it is solid state and doesn’t have mechanical contacts that can arc and deteriorate. You can transfer test results through its serial port in ASCII format at a speed for 9600 baud for further analysis. Its two-piece design makes maneuvering it easy in tight spaces like shafts or manholes.

The PI-5000 can be rented from Protec Equipment Resources. We also have other test equipment available to cater to your needs. Contact Protec today for more information on our rental plans for the PI-5000.