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Educate Yourself and Others about High Voltage Test Equipment Safety

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High voltage test equipment serves a vital purpose by ensuring that electrical apparatus and systems are functioning correctly. Through proper maintenance and diagnostic testing, expensive equipment will last longer and operate more safely in the workplace.  Safe operation of the systems being used to test the equipment is also important because any time a test takes place, unpredictable high voltage currents can cause common spiking and arc flashes that are dangerous to the tester, other workers and equipment.

When using multimeters for testing transformers for instance, care must be taken to avoid arc flashes or blasts, which create a dangerous and potentially lethal situation where the current arcs and jumps between conductors. In most cases, this type of electrical bolt will cause an explosion. To avoid this dangerous condition, you must use a multimeter that has a high enough rating to withstand the amount of high voltage current running through the conductors. 

Additionally, users need to understand the correct methods for operating high voltage test setsuch as multimeters. Training of employees in how to use testing devices is extremely important for safe operations. Wearing the proper safety equipment such as goggles, insulated gloves and even clothing and shoes designed for electrical work will also go a long way in protecting workers.

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