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Easy Transformer Troubleshooting with the Megger FRAX-101 SFRA

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Transformer faults may not show obvious symptoms until they totally fail. This can result in unexpected service interruptions, high labor costs in repairs and equipment replacement. Technicians often conduct regular testing to find faults that are just starting to develop. It would be easier and would be less expensive to correct a minor defect than repairing equipment that has totally failed.

To help you diagnose internal transformer problems, you might want to check out the Megger FRAX-101 Sweep Frequency Analyzer. This Megger meter analyzes the transformer “fingerprint” and compares it with the baseline data. Any geometrical changes in the transformer like shorted turns, open windings, loose clamps, winding deformation, core issues and faulty grounding causes a change in the transformer “fingerprint”. This makes transformer troubleshooting easier because you do not need to untank the core components. This Megger tester helps you save time, money and effort in preventive maintenance of transformers.

Protec Equipment Resources is ready to provide you with the equipment you need for transformer diagnostics. You can opt to rent, lease or purchase equipment depending on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists today for a quote and for assistance.