Easy Transformer Diagnostics with the M5200 SFRA from Doble Test Instruments.

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Transformer problems can be very hard to diagnose because they are enclosed inside a metal case. Inspecting the core and windings necessitates the removal of the transformer from its casing. This can be a hassle especially if you have limited manpower and equipment. To make testing of transformers easy, consider getting a sweep frequency response analyzer.

A SFRA works by injecting a excitation signal and analyzes the frequencies generated by the transformer. A transformer’s components has resistive, capacitive and inductive values which affect the reflected frequencies. The test results are then compared with the name plate’s values to determine if there are problems. One good model of an SFRA is the M5200 from Doble TestInstruments. This SFRA has features that makes testing automatic and simple. It can detect core and winding problems fast and gives accurate test results. Its wide bandwidth allows you to analyze frequencies of up to 25 MHz. This bandwidth is more than enough to analyze the signals generated in transformers found in most electrical systems.

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