Easy Excitation Calculations with the IRIS Power EL CID Evolution

IrisPower_ELCID-EL-CIDIRIS Power Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test Set –  EL CID Evolution operates at only 4% of normal operating flux. This low flux is generated by a portable, quickly installed excitation kit.

Any imperfection in the core inter-laminar insulation produces fault currents, which are detected by a Chattock coil and analyzed by the EL CID Evolution signal-processing unit.

Measurement results are digitally stored in a laptop for analysis and report generation to precisely locate the faults in the stator core. Future results can be compared to past results for trend analysis.

EL CID Evolution features:

• Fast test scanning (up to 120mm/sec @60Hz)

• Easy excitation calculations

• Simple testing with dual Chattocks

• User-friendly LCD display to guide user operation

• Combine step-iron data with main core traces

• Easily identify “hot spots” via colour map display

• Fully compatible with existing data RAPID


EL CID Evolution Safety:

• Uses only 120/230V power for excitation and operation

• Double insulation to minimize operator risks

• Low excitation flux level eliminates risk of further interlamination insulation damage (as might occur during ring flux heating of an un-cooled core)


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