Easy Alien Crosstalk Diagnostics with the DTX-10GKIT from Fluke

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Alien Crosstalk can cause a lot of problems in networks especially on wide-bandwidth Gigabit connections. This interference causes data corruption which can slow down the network or lock it up. It is important to maintain low crosstalk between cables to ensure maximum data transfer and continuous service.

Crosstalk happens when a cable has a defective shielding or the twisted pairs aren’t symmetrical anymore. The signal flowing in the cable generates an electromagnetic field that mixes with the other cable’s signal. The mix up causes data corruption and slows down the network. If you need
cable testing equipment to measure ANEXT, AFEXT and ELFEXT, you might be interested in the DTX-10GKIT from Fluke Power Diagnostics. This analyzer kit works in conjunction with the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer for crosstalk diagnostics. The kit comes with crosstalk modules, analyzer software, Class 6A ChannelLink Adapters, Class 6A Permanent Link Adapters, Crosstalk Link Terminators and Universal Couplers. It has all the things you need to conduct crosstalk diagnostics in 10,100 and 1000BASE-T networks.

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