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Easily Test Various Types of Relays and Protection Schemes with the Help of the Doble F6150

A relay with mechanical and electrical defects may cause serious problems in an electrical facility. They are often used for controlling high currents and switches for protective systems. It is important to regularly test for defects to ensure reliable and safe operation.

The Doble F6150 is an instrument that can help you with preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of relays. It has a high power output and offers flexible testing configurations, letting you test various relay types. This relay test set has a sophisticated software that allows you to conduct a full simulation test on the protective schemes and relays. It can test every type of relay ranging from low powered to complex microprocessor-based devices.

Doble F6150 Product Features

  •        Provides 12 simultaneous AC and DC sources that can be configured
  •        <0.02% THD
  •        0 to +359.9 degrees phase angle range
  •        ± 0.25 degrees at 50/60 Hertz accuracy
  •        ±0.1% at 50/60 Hertz resolution
  •        8 logic inputs and 2 isolated inputs
  •        8 logic outputs
  •        4 high-speed electronic switches
  •        0.1 millisecond max dropout and pickup response time
  •        Variable output voltage battery simulator

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