Easily Spot Partial Discharge Problems with the UltraTEV Plus+

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Partial Discharge in electrical equipment can be dangerous because this is a sign of insulator deterioration. This problem can be difficult to detect because it is sometimes barely noticeable. If you want to detect partial discharges quickly in your facility, you might want to consider getting the UltraTEV Plus+ from EA Technology Instruments.

Partial discharges can introduce losses in the electrical system because it dissipates power as heat. This can cause further degradation of the insulation and eventual break down. The UltraTEV Plus+ can help detect PD by measuring Transient Earth Voltage signals or through ultrasonic detection. It comes with earphones so you can listen to partial discharges. You can also use a probe or a dish to detect partial discharges on hard to reach areas and overhead installations. It has a back-lit colored LCD readout that is easy to read even in dim environments. It also features a lightweight and durable construction that can tolerate rough handling. This tool is great for new 
electrical equipment testing and maintenance.

Protec Equipment Resources offers the UltraTEV Plus+ for rent. We also carry a large selection of electrical test equipment to cater to your needs. Contact us to learn more about our rental services.