Early Detection of Relay Problems Using a Relay Test Set

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Relays are prone to damage because of the large current they control. Relay contacts can form carbon deposits. They may also corrode or weld themselves together due to high current arcing in-between. The coil may also get damaged due to repetitive energizing and the heat generation. Regular maintenance checks ensure that relays are operating properly. Faulty relays can cause electrical fires and damage to other electrical devices. A relay test set can help in determining the condition of a relay.

There are many types of relays. There are simple electromechanical relays and complex microprocessor-based relays. Periodic testing can help identify deterioration even before it gets worse. Corrective action can be done immediately once the fault is detected. One of the most popular test devices is Doble’s F2253 test set. It features an output voltage of up to 300 VAC and 400 VDC. It has a high current output of 90 amperes AC and 60 amperes DC making it suitable for all types of relays. This test set has a simple front panel console and variable phase angle and frequency. 

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