Dranetz Px5 – Power Quality Management System

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dranetz-px5Monitoring and regulating the quality of power is crucial for power transmission industry. It not only saves energy, but prevents major breakdowns of costly equipment and appliances.

Dranetz PX5 is futuristic in its design. Its salient features are:

  •        Embedded with software which  can help generate  information about  the quality of power at any given moment in the last 7 days , taking into account various parameters that affect power quality
  •        This  device can be remotely connected to the main station and data can be transferred or accessed between the device and the main station
  •        Its technological superiority enables establishment of linkages with any node- up or down the transmission line.
  •        The kit of 5 instruments consists of various types of electrical test equipment for HV diagnostics
  •        Details and time of occurrence of power events is recorded and the data is preserved for future reference and analysis
  •        Easy access to any node up or down the transmission line helps in automatic detection of faults and their rectification
  •        Simple analysis of data helps reduce faults and downtime in future
  •        Ideal for analyzing the quality of power delivered in the past, monitoring  the present, and predicting for the future

With all these qualities, it is truly the only futuristic power quality analysis and management system