Dranetz PX5 Integrates Advanced Features for Power Event Capturing and Analysis

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Power quality problems can be difficult to manage because the source of the distortion is from devices used everyday. Instead of cutting off the cause, technicians utilize compensation networks to suppress power line distortion. To properly compensate the power line, it is important to determine the type, amount and distortion trends. The device used for analyzing power events in the electrical system is a power quality analyzer. This device captures, measures and logs power events for analysis. 

dranetz-px5The Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer integrates several advanced features for power event capturing, characterization and analysis. The Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer has a high sampling rate and high speed capture capability. It also has a color graphical control interface that is easy to navigate. 

Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer features:

• Can operate through batteries or the AC mains

• Can capture IEEE 1459 parameters for power systems that are advanced or non-sinusoidal

• THD and interharmonics capturing

• Remote communications through its built-in USB, RS232 and LAN ports

• Multi-language support: French, Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German and Italian

• Complies with the IEC 61000-4-15 standard for measuring power flicker

• Lightweight and compact design

• Suitable for AC and DC applications

• 256 samples/cycle sampling rate

• 1 microsecond data capture per channel

• Can characterize events like transients and RMS variations in detail

• Independent cross, current and voltage triggering

• 4 voltage and 4 current channels

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