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Dranetz PX 5 Power Explorer

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dranetz-px5The Dranetz PX5 integrates one of the most advanced function-set for power monitoring systems. Plus it has a colorful and easy-to-navigate GUI (graphical user interface). It has fast data capture and sampling (about 1 microsecond per channel), and this powerful 8-channel electrical test equipmentcaptures as well as characterizes several parameters. It does so using a wide range of customizable and standard operating modes.

It has unique power measurement abilities, including capturing high/medium/low frequency transients. This unit has an inbuilt event characterizer that supports troubleshooting, and lets you gather survey data. This helps in improving the power quality, and thus equipment reliability. It also lets you match susceptibilities and requirements of the power supply and the device.

You can get the PX5 on rent as well. Electrical test equipment rental will let you check the device and its working before you purchase the unit. PowerXplorer PX5 makes use of high speed digital sampling, and captures and tests microsecond wide transients. These transients are generated by fast switched electronics, capacitor switching, medical diagnostic devices, transformer energization, lightning, and load shifting. They are characterized as oscillatory or impulsive, and are further tested for more information. PowerXplorer is able to capture the entire spectrum of power quality, and provides a high quality display of the transient.