Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Quality Analyzer Functions

Dranetz PX5All Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 Power Quality Analyzer functions described below are operable using a color LCD touch screen technology.

Touch screen function – use a finger and/or a PDA stylus to apply pressure to the LCD screen to result in touch screen recognition. The touch screen display is also workable with lineman gloves on. Touch screen buttons will appear in reverse-video to show visual feedback of contact along with audible feedback

Scope mode functions as an oscilloscope, displaying real-time waveforms of voltage and current for up to eight channels simultaneously, with one second update rate. Scope mode also provides a textual display of rms values, division for axis values, and frequency.

Meter mode functions as a true rms voltmeter and a true rms clamp-on ammeter. Voltage and current measurements, along with other calculated and advanced power parameters, are displayed on the

Harmonics display the amplitude and phase of each harmonic to the 63rd harmonic in both graphical and textual format.

Phasor diagram screen displays a graph that indicates phase relations between voltage and current based upon the angles at the fundamental frequency, as determined by Fourier analysis. Phasor diagram displays voltage and current phasors for all channels. Functioning as a phase angle meter, the unit can display system imbalance conditions and provides such information in textual form also.

Flicker is a phenomenon due primarily to rapid small fluctuations of the voltage. Loads that exhibit continuous, rapid variations in the load current, particularly the reactive component, can cause voltage variations often referred to as flicker. Flicker is characterized by modulation at a frequency typically less than 25 Hz. Modulating signal magnitudes as low as 0.5% of the fundamental for frequencies between 5-10 Hz can result in perceptible light flicker.

Event occurs when a programmed threshold limit is crossed. An event consists of the pre-trigger cycle(s), trigger cycle(s), and post-trigger cycle(s).

Monitoring capacityDranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Quality Analyzer can monitor the following power configurations:

• Single Phase 3 Phase 2-Watt Meter Delta
Split Phase Generic
3 Phase Delta 2 1/2 Element without VB
3 Phase Wye 2 1/2 Element without VC

While monitoring any of the above configurations, the PowerXplorer PX5 Power Quality Analyzer can also be connected to monitor neutral to ground voltage and neutral or ground current.

Setup is a configuration of parameter thresholds that control the data recorded by PowerXplorer PX5. Users may perform instrument setup in three ways

  • • Automatic setup utilizes auto-configured settings and allows users to proceed directly with data monitoring
  • • Wizard setup follows a step-by-step sequence where users go through a series of circuit setup screens
  • Advanced setup allows users to modify trigger parameters and intervals or tweak threshold settings.


Trend – Users can generate plots for all journaled data combined with min/max recordings of that parameter. Most journal parameters have multiple channels to plot.

Reports – Users have two options on how to view QOS compliance reports.

  • EN50160 displays statistical reports on QOS compliance based on an analysis of the voltage as per requirements of the EN50160 standard.
  • Status presents a report summary for Standard PQ, EN50160, and Motor Quality parameters via the annunciator panel.


Data Card – Dranetz PX5 supports the use of Compact Flash data cards with AT LEAST 32MB storage capacity. The user replaceable data card serves as primary storage for data. Data monitoring CANNOT proceed without the data card.

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