Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 – Power Monitoring at its Best

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dranetz-px5The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 integrates the most advanced feature set available in a power monitoring instrument with an easy-to-navigate, color graphical user interface. With high-speed sampling and data capture (1 microsecond/channel), the Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5is an 8-channel workhorse that simultaneously captures and characterizes thousands of parameters, using a range of standard and customizable operating modes. The unique measurement capabilities of the the Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 include capture of low-medium-high frequency transients through peak, waveshape, rms duration and adaptive high-speed sampling, as well as power measurements to clearly characterize voltage harmonics, non-sinusoidal and unbalanced systems.


Applications for the Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 include:


Fast Transient Capture

The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 uses digitized high-speed sampling to capture and analyze microsecond-wide transients. Delivering a full profile, The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5, features events time stamped to the millisecond of the entire transient, to pinpoint the exact source and cause of the event.


Power Quality Surveys and Diagnostics

The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 has a built-in event characterizer that directly supports troubleshooting and the gathering of survey data to improve power quality and equipment reliability.


Capacitor Switching Events

A drawback of capacitors is that they yield oscillatory transients when switched. These transients can propagate through the local power system, causing damage to equipment and processes. TheDranetz Power Xplorer PX5 captures and identifies these fast transients.


Load Distortion and Imbalance

The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 measures the full range of arithmetic, vector and sequencing parameters contained in IEEE 1459, to evaluate distortion and restore balanced loads.



The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 captures flicker data per IEC 6100-4-15, which can be further evaluated using Dran-View visualization, analysis and reporting software.


Compliance Monitoring

The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 has been designed to meet the most advanced power quality standards, including IEEE 1159, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and EN50160. A statistical output is produced to quickly verify compliance with international quality-of-supply standards and benchmark power quality.



The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 captures detailed harmonics, interharmonics and subharmonics to effectively troubleshoot the complex problems caused by these events.