Dranetz Power Quality Analyzers, Cleaning up Noisy Electrical Lines

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Power quality analyzers are used to check the quality of electricity flowing in the power line. Power should be clean, and free from interference. If interference is present like spikes, transients, harmonics and dips, it may cause a lot of problems to other electrical equipment. These analyzers help engineers estimate how much compensation should be done to condition the power line. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of analyzers Dranetz. Their testers are widely used and trusted by electricians and engineers around the globe.

A power system must have a smooth and repetitive oscillation but because of attaching non-linear loads to the power line, it produces harmonics and deforms the waveform. These situations are very dangerous. Harmonics can cause transformers to produce too much heat and can affect a motor’s power output by decreasing it. 

Dranetz Power quality analyzer offers features like statistical summaries, monitoring of voltage spikes, harmonics, transients, rise rate, primary magnitude and time of occurrence. This reliable tool helps to determine the amount of harmonics present on the line and assess its electrical characteristics.

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