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Doble Testing Solution for Relay Schemes

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A relay scheme is one critical component of a power grid which plays a great role in ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. The Doble 6150 is a very popular electrical test device that is used for simulation testing for a wide variety of relay and protection schemes. It has the capability to analyze microprocessors, electro-mechanical devices, or a combination of both. It comes with advanced circuitry which uses high quality amplifiers and digital signal processing units. It also has a bright display to show the active voltage/current amplitudes and phase values during the testing procedure.

This Doble testing equipment also allows the user to conduct multiple tests to check whether the relay scheme is able to communicate and respond properly to the system events. The diagnostic equipment offers transient satellite synchronized diagnosis along with efficient simulation, mimicking real power conditions. It is also a step ahead of competition as it provides reliable complete scheme tests which not only provide more reliable and accurate results but also save precious testing time.

The device is a gem for all those who want to have an accurate protective testing scheme. If you are in search for low cost options, please contact our electric test equipment rental company for assistance.