Doble Testing: Rent the Best Devices

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A power factor/dissipation factor test more commonly known as a Doble test is performed mostly on transformers, but sometimes it is also done on MV cables and motors.  In this method, AC voltage is used to measure loss in watts; and through this, insulations and insulation systems are tested.  It is one of the most effective test field procedures that are used today for the timely detection of bushing contamination and deterioration. Through Doble testing, we can determine the measurement of AC test current which turns out to be directly proportional to bushing capacitance.

Doble is the leading manufacturer of power factor electrical test equipment, hence the name Doble test. A Doble test is a complicated procedure, and a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure correct readings. Temperature and various other factors need to be correctly adjusted. Doble made the process more convenient by providing a data base of readings for all transformers tested with their equipment. Doble 6150 and Doble relay are the best when it comes to testing. However, if you do not use these devices regularly, you can opt for renting instead of buying. We provide testing devices for rent or lease at competitive prices.