Doble Testing for Transformer Maintenance

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As transformer testing continues to evolve, those who work with this equipment depend on proper installation, maintenance schedules and testing. Because transformers continuously experience current stress, thermal cycling and high voltage, a regular schedule of testing and maintenance is vital. Besides visual inspection many tests are required to ensure that the transformer is functioning properly:

Insulation Resistance Testing – evaluates insulation’s direct current and indicates whether the insulation carries moisture, has been contaminated or experienced breakdown.

Turns Ratio Testing – detects shorted winding turns as well as defective tap changers. It finds voltage differences in each phase cycle. Primarily used as an early indicator of equipment failure.

Insulating Liquid or Dielectric Tests – discovers whether dielectric oil is contaminated.

Oil Analysis Testing – helps users determine if transformer is failing and also to understand operating conditions.

Power Factor Test – also well-known as Doble Testing, this comprehensive test evaluates a transformer’s insulating properties and measures any power loss caused by current leakage.

Excitation Testing – verifies that transformer is operating at a satisfactory level. The test applies voltage to transformer’s high side while measuring the exiting current on the low side.

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