Doble Testing for Relays

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The Doble relay test set offers users the ability to complete maintenance testing that can ultimately prevent damage to important electrical systems. Relay switch faults are difficult to detect with the eye alone so Doble testing equipment enables test operators to find weakness and faults.

Routinely schedule testing allows companies to spot problems early on and resolve minor issues before extensive damage or equipment failure results. Protecting electrical equipment from overload conditions is as simple as maintaining protective relays. When relays are not fully operational, worker safety can suffer and electrical apparatus may fail. Relay testing simulates real life operation so that reliable data may be obtained and evaluated concerning system performance.

Single phase and three phase relay test devices offer diagnostic results for relays by testing overcurrent, distance, voltage and differential. Each company’s test models vary with their onboard capability although all offer analysis data important to keeping equipment functioning properly.

The Doble F6150, for instance, provides three phase testing that is automated to allow for consistent results. It also features a manual testing mode controlled through provided software so that users can configure their own testing conditions. When interfaced with a computer using either Ethernet or USB port, the Doble software gives users testing capability for transient, steady or dynamic states.

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