Doble Test

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A friend of mine recently asked me, “Why do they call it a Doble test?” This got me to thinking about how flexible our language is and how specific brand names morph into generic references.

A Doble test is a power factor or dissipation factor test that is done mostly on transformers, but also may be done on motors and MV cables. It has also become slang for a timing test for a breaker with a shunt trip. Of course, a Doble test is not specific to Doble test equipment any more than a Megger insulation test is limited to Megger test equipment. Just as we have come to refer to facial tissue as “Kleenex” or a paper copy as a “Xerox copy”, we use terms like Doble test and Doble power factor in a generic way because Doble makes commonly used equipment for these tests. In the same way, Megger is the most common brand of equipment used for an insulation-resistance test — hence, the term Megger test.

So keep an eye on what terms you use. You may very well craft a new word!