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Doble Test to Ensure Safety and Performance

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For anyone in the electrical industry the fact that testing and maintenance of electrical equipment must be regularly completed is a no brainer. The safety of workers and life of the equipment depends upon routine maintenance. One particular test that is widely used is the power factor test also sometimes called the Doble test after the manufacturer’s equipment that performs this testing.

In the past, many techs would only use 
DC hipot tests to assess cable insulation, however, the power factor testing became popular after many maintenance techs and installers felt that DC hipot was responsible for some cable damage during testing. It has since been determined that hipot testing is not destructive to cable and other electrical components, however, many find that the power factor test works well on medium voltage cabling. The test uses AC voltage in order to measure watts loss and make sure that the cable insulation systems are performing optimally.

We offer several models of power factor test set for our clients to utilize in their testing and maintenance programs. The Megger Delta 2000, Doble M4000 and Doble M4100 power factor test sets all offer insulation testing and analyzing to ensure that cables are in good working condition. 

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