Doble Test Equipment That Can Help You Save Time and Effort in Transformer Diagnostics

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Reduce time and effort assessing your transformer’s condition by using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis. This test method reduces the need for detanking your transformers during diagnostics. This method can detect faults in core and windings conveniently. Here are some of the popular testers used for this application that you might be interested in.

Convenient Transformer Testing with the Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer talks about the features and the convenience of this tester. Its wide bandwidth allows it to detect problems easily in transformers.

Quick and Convenient Transformer Diagnostics with the Doble M5400 is an article about another Doble tester. The M5400 features high accuracy, bandwidth, resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range. This tester allows you to conduct transformer troubleshooting and maintenance checks quickly and accurately.

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