Doble Test Equipment Made Easy

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Doble test equipment provides many options for electrical equipment testing needs of a diverse and wide array of customers. Two important testing apparatus needed to maintain vital electrical systems include power factor and relay testing sets.

Power factor test sets are crucial indicators of overall electrical system health, and they provide insight into the given source of power. The Doble M4100 power factor test set and insulation analyzer provides all you need for testing of high voltage systems including substations. Its precision sine wave signal offers the reliability to ensure that diagnostic test results are accurate. 

Another necessary testing unit is the relay test set. Relays must be in good condition to function properly, and a relay testing set will ensure that relays are working at proper voltage. While relays are easy to replace, diagnosing them as the problem is an altogether different story. Its difficulty is eased by the fact that relay testing simplifies the process. The Doble F2700 single phase system is designed for high accuracy testing of relays, transducers and meters with voltage outputs of up to 300VAC. 

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