Doble TDR9100 – An Advanced and Reliable Circuit Breaker Test System

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When it comes to sophisticated testing instruments, Doble test equipment offers some of the most advanced and reliable electrical test equipment on the market today. Nothing exemplifies their accuracy when it comes to testing instrumentation better than the Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System.

Doble_TDR9100The  Doble TDR9100 tests all types of breakers and performs main contact timing, motion, resistance and capacitance measurements. It features 4 breaks per phase, 3 motion channels and 6 event channels and can be ganged in sets of 2 or 3 to double or triple usable channels and main contacts for up to 12 breaks per phase.

TDR9100 controls circuit breaker trip and close commands and supports the following operations:

  • Trip (O)
  • Close (C)
  • Reclose (O-0.3s-C)
  • Tripfree (CO)
  • O-C
  • O-0.3s-CO
  • First Trip (O)
  • Slow Close (C)


The TDR9100 comes with T-Doble Software for improved data management capability.

• Intuitive and clear: easy-to-use test plans and test results

• Data can be plotted, overlaid, analyzed and printed

• Will import all TRX and T-Doble test result data and test plans

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