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Doble TDR9000 and TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test Sets Offer Many Benefits

circuit breaker test set can help you effectively test protective devices by measuring the timing and motion of the mechanism. It simulates electrical system conditions and determines if the circuit breaker will respond properly. If you are looking for a good tester, you might be interested in the Doble TDR9000 or the TDR9100 test sets. These testers provide accurate and efficient testing of dynamic timing and mechanism motion of circuit breakers. 

Doble TDR9000Doble TDR9000 Circuit Breaker Test System Benefits

• Accurate measurement of grading capacitors capacitance values, and insertion resistor resistance values – built-in, precision measurements for grading capacitors and insertion resistors testing eliminates the need for separate measuring instruments. 

  • • Immune to Interference – accuracy of test results is unaffected by severe conditions of electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, present in harsh substation environments.
  • • Modular Design – customize the system to match present testing requirements; field upgrade the system as required, to protect the capital investment.
  • • High Accuracy Motion Recording – a patented digital rotary and linear transducer provides early diagnosis of mechanical problems, auxiliary switch and main contact timing errors.
  • • Rugged and Reliable – the TDR9000 is a single box solution, providing the accuracy of a laboratory instrument with durability for field use.
  • • Self-Diagnostics – self-diagnostics on demand ensures accurate and valid test results.
  • • User-friendly PC interface – an intuitive control panel on your PC provides quick, efficient and simple testing of circuit breakers.
  • • Comprehensive Testing – accurately measures all essential parameters of a circuit breaker in a single test for accurate diagnostics of the circuit breaker operation.


Doble TDR9100Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System Benefits

  • • Use Doble’s patented digital rotary and linear transducers to provide early diagnosis of mechanical problems
  • • Easily detect main contact and resistor contact timing errors
  • • Immune to Interference – the accuracy of test results is unaffected by the severe conditions of electrostatic and electromagnetic interference that are normally present in harsh substation environments
  • • Control with a Doble Universal Controller (DUC), tablet or PC.

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