Doble Relay Testing Important for Maintaining Protective Relays

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When it comes to testing protective relays, the relay test set was designed to provide enough voltage and current for producing accurate test results. Protective relays must operate correctly within electrical equipment in order to cause circuit breakers to trip when a fault situation occurs. Accuracy is extremely vital because the slightest error can create serious issues within systems.Doble test equipment for relays is uniquely designed to detect errors so that possible breakdown may be averted and equipment operating life be prolonged.

Relay testers such as the Doble relay test sets in single phase and three phase systems use microprocessors to control output for accurate test measurement. These systems offer digital displays that give users important data including output voltage, phase angle, resistance, power factor, VARS and frequencies. They also offer onboard data storage with the option to print to computer for later analysis.

Doble relay testing equipment comes in models F2253, F2500, F2700 and F6150. We offer all four of these models through our short and long term rental program so that companies may try these systems before they buy. Our lease and purchase programs also offer affordable pricing on the equipment you need. Give us a call today to learn more or visit us online to submit an inquiry about the specific models of interest.